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With state-of-art PCB technology and machinery

PCB ULTIMATE VISION Inc. manufactures PCB prototypes and large-volume orders at affordable costs while still maintaining the highest possible quality.

When You Need It Fast and Right

Reliable, on-time, quality PCBs and great service.

Need to reach customer support after hours? PCB ULTIMATE VISION Inc. always has someone here on hand, ready to answer your email. Our clients appreciate this.

Now, PCB ULTIMATE VISION Inc. offers you an instant online quoting system which allows you to upload your files and specifications, get an aproximate cost, make a payment, and have the peace of mind while we are manufacturing and delivering your product as per your requirements.


Bringing certainty to your business


While helping our clients and working on new and innovative ways to help you save your money, we're also up to lots of good stuff to show North Americans and Europeans who we are and how we can help them save their money and become highly competitive on the market. We are what we repeatedly do. Our clients are saying about us that we are simply the best.


Analyze our quote and if the price for all the services associated with the product is good, then let us proceed. Register with us by email with your billing and shipping information, and submit the order. When you receive the products from us, please check the quality. If you are satisfied then let's do it again. No commitments, no long term contracts; these are absolutely not necessary.


We partner with the governmental and non-governmental associations to learn how to keep local manufacturers profitable, how to keep the jobs, and how to defend the aggressive overseas markets. We did our part; now it's time for you to do yours: we are not asking you to make any commitments; just we want you to follow the free market rules: place an order, then see what's happening. It is very simple.


No hassles, no haggling or running from one company to another in search of a better rate. Ever! That's because from day one, we knew we could be something different, something better. We offer not just a product: we offer you all the services associated with the product for the cost of the product. You will not only get the best product for the best pricing; you will get all the services associated with the product for free.

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